Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Test Prep

My sister is currently attending a Junior College. She will be done there in May and then she will head to a four year university. The problem is that she hasn't picked a major which makes it hard for her to pick a school. I keep telling her not to worry about it that she will know when she is supposed to but I don't think that is what she needs to hear. But I think I may have found something that could help her. ePrep who is sponsoring this post offers ePrep SAT test prep help. While she has already taken the SAT and ACT and doesn't need to prep for a test they also offer some other great college planning services, like admissions and financial aid that we really need help with. Any help we can get at this point is worth it. I wish now we would have know about the test prep help before she was taking all those. That was a whole other mess of stress. Hopefully this will help her a little bit.


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