Sunday, December 10, 2006

Girl's Weekend

Well I finally recuperated enough to get to KC for the annual Girl's Christmas Weekend!!! I had a great time. My aunts were crazy and fun as usual. There was too much food, which I managed to avoid most of the bad stuff. I think the sickness was still lingering because the homemade chocolate pie didn't sound good. Some I'm crossing my fingers that tomorrow when I weigh in it will be good! Let's hope!!!

We shopped and I found some cute stuff and some great bargains. We went to the adorable store called Chickie's in Belton MO that was wonderful. It is a store run by sisters so it's a perfect fit for us. My Aunt Adair calls us all Chickie's so we had to get a picture in front of the store with the name over our head. The sisters running the place were great sports and found us slightly entertaining. They had some awesome unique things and I found the a couple of cute little things for Heather. We also hit Missouri Mud Company and I found some great purses. Every year we go to this little place, it's actually a Greek diner and coffee shop but they have great jewelry, art work, purses, and decorations. So it's become a tradition to get the cute purses and this year was no different.

For dinner on Saturday night we always meet my Great Uncle Bill for dinner at a place called Jumpin Catfish. He is way funny and just a great man to spend time with. He always buys us dinner and we always sing him a Christmas song. He really loves it and so do we. Well last night Uncle Bill had had a few too many glasses of wine and he was observing the fish they have in this huge fish tank. Well someone in the crowd asked why there was a long string hanging from one of the fish!!!! It wasn't a string. But Uncle Bill said kinda loudly "It's not a string, It's semen." I thought I was gonna die laughing. Their are kids and families around and he is talking about fish semen. Lordy!!!! So I couldn't resist and had to say "Well at least the fish are excited to see us". And the whole conversation went downhill from there. Never a dull moment I swear. I'm surprised they let our family go anywhere!

So now I'm home and I had a great time and I'm gonna spend the afternoon hanging out with my sister! I'll post some pictures later!


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