Wednesday, December 13, 2006


I am sure that you have heard of Belisi in the past. I first learned of this brand of tie several years ago. I think they are really beautiful and well made. But I just heard the story of how the brand came to be and now I like them even more. I guess Peter Belisi was a bartender in Palm Beach. He served some of the most elite individuals in Palm Beach While he was serving those with much he was struggling to make money to support his family and had no savings. But with any extra money he had he would purchase a new tie. The new ties gave him a polished look and he became known for never wearing the same tie twice and he developed quite a passion of for fine ties. Before long Peter created his own line of Belisi ties and has become quite successful. I am a sucker for a success story! I always knew the ties were beautiful but now that I know the story behind them I'm even more attracted to them. So the next time you are tie hunting get a Belisi tie and support the bartender that made it big.


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