Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Maxim Myths

Maxim has just listed a myths debunked article on their website. It's kinda fun. One that they have listed is that you use more muscles to frown than you do to smile. That is TRUE. My mom wasn't giving me a load of crap all those years.

Another myth is that the Great wall of China is the only man made thing you can see from space. That is FALSE. I guess you can see airport runways, highways, etc. I never knew that.

And one of my favorite myths as a kid was that swallowed gum takes 7 years to digest. That is FALSE! I always knew that couldn't be true.

They have 28 different myths listed. It was fun to go through and see which ones I had right and which ones I had wrong. I did have more right though! I knew some of that stuff just couldn't be true. :-) So go over and see which of Urban Legends are true or false.


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