Thursday, December 28, 2006

Busy Days

Wow it's been a crazy couple of days. Work has been very busy. Being left in charge this week on top of all my regular stuff is a little overwhelming. I know what I'm supposed do and all that is fine it's just trying to get it all done. Time is the issue. But isn't it always...

Heather has been a little working fool while I've been at work. That kind has organized my kitchen, sorted through a bunch of stuff for me, gone grocery shopping, straightened up my desk. She is a busy bee! I don't know where everything is but it sures looks pretty.

Tonight she headed to Wichita to go to the club with friends. I'm kinda glad she went because that means I don't have to work now that I'm home. We had a deal that while she is on break we will spend one hour a night in the shop sorting through mom things. Well every night it's turned into way longer than an hour. Last night was closer to 2 1/2 hours and it was dusting and my allergies are driving me nuts. So I'm glad I will have a break while she is clubbing!


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