Thursday, December 28, 2006

Postie Patrol

Well another Postie Patrol to report about. Again it was hilarious! I wanna be in a postie patrol! The postie patrol as well as this post are sponsored by the amazing HP the peeps that rock at Digital Photo Printing. This time the patrol was held in Chicago and it looks like it was way cold. But Robyn participated in the scavenger hunt and won some great prizes from HP. You really have to watch the video. Some of my favorite parts of her hunt have to be Ted in shorts (a little scary), Robyn trying to make a snow angel in ice (I hope she doesn't have frost bite), and the gangster Christmas carrol! What I don't get is how that dang catfish survived in the cold? I thought it would have froze to death. I guess it really is like a cat and has nine lives. :-) So check out the video, laugh a little, join PPP, and then you can be in a postie patrol too!


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