Sunday, December 10, 2006


Did you know that Pay Per Post has a blog? Well they do! Pay Per Post has a blog. And I find it rather enjoyable. I go to the blog to check out what is up in Pay Per Post land. I can find out the newest gossip about Ted and Tamale. I like to know what they are up too. And I can find out important info about how many posts we can do each day! The blog is where I get a lot of the Pay Per Post news. I also love the crazy fun videos that tend to get posted on the blog. They usually give me a little chuckle. So if you want some extra news about Pay Per Post you ought to check it out. And while you are checking out the blog you ought to sign up! An easy way to sign up is to click the little PayPerPost button on my site. When you sign up I make money and you make money and that can make us both really happy! So get to it folks!


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