Sunday, December 31, 2006


My friend Kara from church is moving to Boise Idado. She got a new job there and is leaving in about three weeks. She is really getting excited about it but is still a little nervous. Moving is always a little scary but she has never lived in a big city. And Boise has like 200,000 people which is WAY more than what we are used to around here. She has never been the best at driving in the city but she is going to be fine. Her boyfriend has family around that area and he is also moving so he will help her figure everything out.

She has already bought a house. They went out to visit and did all that. But before she went she used Boise mls to kind of get an idea of what type of place she wanted. My sponsor offers a clear, quick, easy way to find a house with a price in the range you are looking for. It really helped narrow things down so she didn't waste anytime while she was there. So new city, new house, I think it is going to be an exciting year for Mss Kara.

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