Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Review

Okay my sister Heather officially rocks! Like she is the bestest sister in the whole wide world! I love that girl. For many many reasons. Today is big reason is that she is like the younger version of the gift buying monster known as my mom! My mom us with the pressure of being good gift givers and that girl stepped up to the challenge! Mom is looking down from heaven and smiling right now! Christmas continues! Here is what she got me.

This is NOT a paid advertisement. This is just me spreading the gift giving joy!!!

1. Armani Mania Perfume! Oh this stuff is liquid sex!!! LOVE IT!!!!

2. Two large framed black and white pictures that I've had my eye on and couldn't or wouldn't fork over the money for. They have come home to mommy!

3. An adorable necklace that looks great with the adorable grey scoopneck sweater she got me.

4. A nativity set that is beautiful. (I collect those)

5. A willow tree angel boy that has blue pants and is holding a gold heart. (I collect those too)

6. Magnetic picture frames for my work office. Then I can put up pictures on my desk and file cabinet.

7. A star candle holder for my living room.

8. And a partridge in a pear tree!!!!

She rocks doesn't she! Gotta love that girl. I think I did pretty good on the gifting for her too. We had a great teacher...

I'm off to enjoy my goodies.


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Donaa said...

I wanna be on your sister's year...OK?

Ya we'll need to see pictures of your new stuff!!!