Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Gift

My mom shopped for special gifts for my sister and I before she died. We got a fall present and this weekend we got our Christmas gifts from her. It's pretty amazing to me that she did that for us! It means a lot to be able to open something from her now. It's like a gift from heaven. She was an amazing mom and continues to be an amazing mom!

So we opened our gifts and she got each of us the Willow Tree Nativity Set. I don't know if you are familiar with Willow Tree but they are these beautiful angels. We have collected them for quite awhile. I had been asking mom for the nativity set for about 3 years. And every Christmas she would say "If I get you that you won't end up getting much else." So it really means a lot to me that she got that for me. I'll cherish it forever!



Phelan said...

how wonderful!

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