Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Funny Things

Okay here are some funny things that have happened this week!

1. My dog Lena got herself stuck inside my bra. Not a bra I was wearing but one she got out of the hamper. Nothing like a puppy inside a DDD to make a girl chuckle.

2. Darby and I met a Panda! There was a person in a Panda costume at Panda Express. He liked us so we took a picture with him.

3. My boss is on vacation and she left me in charge! I am the boss. Now that is funny!

4. I got a 20 foot section of BRIGHT orange construction fence wrapped around the wheel of my car. Not so funny when it happened but I'm thinking the visual of a farmer guy undoing it and me standing there trying to explain why I'm such an idiot is kinda funny now.

5. The one eyed greeter guy at Wal-Mart told me I looked nice today. Don't know how much of a compliment that is coming from someone that can't see well....


1 comment:

Chelle & Chel said...

ROFL I love those!! Thanks for sharing!

Still chuckling ...