Sunday, December 17, 2006

Texas Girls

Well we are in Texas. We made it here on time despite getting off to a very rough start. We should have left the house at 7 this morning and that happened to be the same time we woke up! The alarms didn't go off!!! It was a mad crazy dash to the airport.

We actually ended up getting to the airport with plenty of time to spare but still ended up running to catch our plane due to problems with security. Due to the great new security precautions in place we had to hand over our water, lotion, makeup, and they actually tried to take my glucose meter but I fought over that and got to keep it. What is really weird is they took all that stuff but I got to keep my lighter? What? Usually they take things that you can start a fire with. But I guess water and lotion are the big threats now. CRAZY!!!!

So after we ran for the plane we ended up sitting next to strange people of course. Because we have strange travel Karma like that. We were sitting next to an extremely large drunk snoring man and directly behind a 9 year old ADHD boy. We determined that the kid likes talking, long walks on the beach, slamming his body against the seat repeatedly, turning around and staring at Heather. We did determine that he does not like it when Heather glares at him.

So to ease the tension and Heather's tears I created a chant to get us through.

Christmas got off to a rough start
In fact it kinda hurt my heart
But now that we are on our way
Let's pretend it's a brand new day

When I tried to teach Heather the chant her words were, "I'm still grumpy and pissed and that is stupid." Guess I won't try to get that chant copyrighted! :-)

While it wasn't the best travel experience we did get the best greeting at the airport. Dad, Cricket, and our niece Morghan "MoJo" as we call her greeted us. As soon as we got off the plane we saw them. Dad all tall above the crowd holding MoJo. MoJO was holding a sign that said "MoJo is waiting for Aunt Jessie and Heather." No better greeting then that.

We did unwrap gifts tonight but I'll post about that later. I will tell you that it was a great Christmas and almost everything on my list has already arrived.


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