Sunday, December 31, 2006

I'm Dreaming of a Black Christmas

Well we had Christmas with my mom's family yesterday. It was a great time! The food was amazing and of course the company was wonderful. And my aunts went overboard on Christmas presents.

I got some beautiful black and white floral prints that I love. I also got a cool treasure chest type storage box that is pretty handy. And then I got a nativity set. I collect nativity sets and this one is unique, it's of a black Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus. I love that. It is very hard to find black angels, nativities, etc. so I am always on the hunt. So Aunt Donna got me the nativity set and then she also got me three Christmas ornaments of black angels. And they are beautiful. One of the angels even has braids. How cute is that. Then Aunt Betty got me some black carollers for my Christmas village! I love my aunts!!! I also got a couple books, some hand towels that match my bathroom set, and an adorable snowman guy. So Merry last Christmas of the year to me!!!

Today we have been bumming around the house. Kelci came to visit Heather and we have just been napping and watching movies. I think they might go out for a little while tonight. They were gonna go to Manhatten but the weather isn't the best so they are gonna stay in town. I'm gonna babysit Bel and Jorgen so Stinna and Adam can go out. They don't get to go out often and I haven't been able to keep the kids in awhile so that will be nice.

Good times...

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