Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Med Mixup

When my mom was sick she was on so many different medications. The pills were to numerous to count. We were all very careful but were always a little worried about how all the pills interacted with one another, if the dose was right and what would happen if we made a mistake. To add to the confussion some of the pills looked pretty similar and it was hard to tell them apart. Now there is a program called Epocrates Online that physicians can use to help their patients with medications. They can email patients information about the drug they have prescribed and it even has pictures of the pills to help clarify and reduce confussion. I wish our physicians or pharmacists would have utilized this service. It is so important for people to be clear on the medications they are taking! Weather you are taking Zyrtec or something more serious it is neccessary to be informed so you can stay healthy.


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