Wednesday, December 06, 2006


I think I've come across something pretty interesting. There is a site called Repvine that allows you to collect and display references. It's a very intriguing site. It is a controlled environment where you invite who you choose to give you a reference. Then you can rate if it was a useful reference. Since you are controlling who leaves references about you it is pretty obvious that you would pick people who would post a positive reference. Since it is releveant information some search engines will pick it up and display it when people search for your name. It is an easy, creative way for you to collect and display your references if you were a seeking a job or do freelance work of some type.

As more people move to the internet when attempting to fill or find work positions I can see the benefit of a service like Repvine. It provides a one stop area for people to gather references and information. More and more employers are using internet job sites to post jobs so I could see them utilizing an internet reference point also. Just something to think about.

They do have couple of videos highlighting why they think an online reference is valuable. The videos are posted below.


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