Monday, December 04, 2006


Well my sister uses MySpace all the time. In fact about everyone I know under the age of 20 uses it. I think in a lot of ways it's great. Heck it can be really fun for kids. But one thing I'm starting to notice is that it can cause some problems. Some of the kids on my caseload have gotten into trouble with MySpace. Either they have posted inappropriate pictures or the big one is chatted with questionable people online. It makes me nervous and it makes a lot of other people nervous too. Internet safety is a big deal and ultimately it comes down to adults providing adequate supervision.

There is a great program out there called Spector Pro that can help parents monitor myspace chat. It's really amazing software that will record both sides of the conversation for review by the parents. It is the only monitoring software that will record every aspect of activity on MySpace. This software could really help parents keep their kids safe.


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