Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Wow this is my 251st post on this blog! That is so freaking cool!!! I'm psyched that I've gone over the 250 mark. That's exciting to me.

But anyways my house is bright! My dad installed a new light kit on the ceiling fan in my living room. The old one had dark globes and didn't let much light out so it was a very dark room which I don't like. So he put one on with clear globes and it is way bright! He also put another motion light on the side of my house so the side yard will be lit up when I take Lena out at night. He is all about safety you know! It's very nice that he did that for me.

What cracks me up is that he and Cricket left this morning. They are going to two of Heather's games in Western Ks and then heading back to Texas on Friday. So I won't see them till Christmas. But they left and when I came home for lunch he had left me money on my table! Go figure. He comes here and works on my house and then pays me for nothing. Dad's are weird like that. Gotta love them.

Okay lunch is calling me.


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