Thursday, October 05, 2006

AdSense VS Pay Per Post

We all know that I'm a little broke right now. Well I'm a social worker I'm a little broke all the time. So when I started this blog there was this cool thing called AdSense. What I thought when I signed up for adsense was that if I put ads on my blog and people clicked them I could earn some cash. I knew it would never be much but it would be something. Cool for me. So of course I signed up.

Well it never panned out. I did adsense for awhile. I'm sure some of you remember seeing the little ads. They were a bit distracting and annoying in my opinion. But I never made a dime! So I was on Bestest Blog the other day, as I am every day and Bobby had a post about this Pay Per Post site. And we all know that I want to make money.

I checked it out and signed up. I'm pretty impressed so far. I'm already about 100 times more impressed with it that I ever was with AdSense. What you do is sign up and you get paid to write posts about certain sites, blogs, or products on your blog. So you totally get to pick which things to write about and how often you do it. Some of the opportunities only pay a couple bucks others pay as much as $15. So I probably won't make a whole lot of money but at least I'm making something which is more than I made with AdSense. So I encourage you to go visit and sign up. And if you do sign up make sure to use my email as your referral. Have fun and good luck!


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Wow! And to think I sometimes post about products free for nothing. I need to refrain from any such posts until I have my people talk to their people and iron out a contractual agreement. :)