Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Happy Halloween everyone! Today was a fun Halloween at work. Lots of treats and adorable dressed up kids. But tonight hasn't been so great. I've only had like 7 trick or treaters so far. I'm not in a high traffic Halloween neighborhood now. Boo on that! I love getting tons of trick or treaters. The next time I buy a house I am doing it based on Halloween traffic!

I really miss my mom bad tonight. I'm thinking that today ranks 2nd in the worst days of missing her list. I keep thinking back to last Halloween. She was so excited. She worn this Halloween sweater and came to my house to hand out candy. Living in the country she didn't get enough trick or treaters to suit her. So she came in and we hung out and joked around and ate and handed out candy. Oh how things change in just one year.... 365 days and everything is oh so different.

So here is to last Halloween! Miss ya ma!


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Anonymous said...

i hope you made it through ok; holidays that were special before are always the hardest.

thinking of you through this time...