Friday, October 27, 2006

Movie Buff

This is way fun! I thought I was quite the movie buff. I watch a lot of movies and I remember things from movies so I thought I would rock at this game Beat the Detective. They show you movie trailers and clips and you try to guess the movie. They have a library of 20,000 clips. So needless to say with all those movies I wasn't the best but it was lots of fun! You can pick the genre of movies so at least you won't get stuck trying to guess movies there is no way you could have possibly seen. You can even compete against other players and it's FREE! So Try 'Beat the Detective' now.


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Mimi Lenox said...

Hi. That does look like a lot of fun. I wanted to also ask if you would take the time to look at the Peace Globe project going on over at I'd love for you and your readers to participate. Thank you! Peace...