Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Well I met with the hospice lady today. That was good. It was actually kinda fun today. She is a gal that I knew when I was doing my undergrad degree and we have worked together on multidisciplinary teams when she worked at her previous job. So we just kinda got caught up today and visited. Talked about mom some, talked about planning for the upcoming holidays and how I will manage. It was good.

Something that hospice here is doing as a fundraiser is having a Christmas tree at the mall. The tree is decorated with ornaments adorned with people's names in honor of them. So for $15 you can get an angel ornament and for $10 you can get a snowflake ornament. They have them on the tree at the mall for a month and you get them back shortly before Christmas for your tree. It's really a cool fundraiser. So if you would like an ornament and are local you can stop by the hospice office to get one. If you are out of town and want one let me know and I can pay for it and get the money back from you and get you your ornament. And if you live out of town and didn't know my mom and don't want an ornaments here I would encourage you to make a small donation to a Hospice or another charity in your area because giving is a nice thing to do.

I got two ornaments. One for me and one for Heather. I just think it's neat and it's a way to give back a little for everything they did for us. Hospice services are free and they operate off of donations. Some people have insurance that covers the services and they get payments that way but a lot of people don't have insurance. I don't know what we would have done without hospice so I'm happy to give to make sure that it's out there for other people someday. So let me know if ya want an ornament.


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