Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Day Two

Well I went back for day two at work today. It was good. I got a lot done. I feel a little more on track and not so lost. That's always a good thing!

Darby is quitting her job at my office. Right now she is the AA there and then is of course a full time nursing student. Between school, Caden, Chris and just plain needing a life there isn't time for work anymore so tomorrow is her last day. I'm glad that her stress level will be going down but I'm gonna miss her. I was looking forward to seeing her everyday again like I used too.

Miss Lena goes in to get fixed on Friday. I am pretty worried about it and not at all excited. I wasn't going to get her fixed but then I got visions of 5 or 6 little Lena's running all over my house. All the toys, and barking and mess that a litter of puppies would bring. That nightmare vision forced me to call and make the appointment. That and this month it is cheaper because it's like fix your dog month and they give you a discount or something. So whatever, I'm gonna do it and I swear if something happens to my dog and she doesn't wake up I'm just gonna jump of a bridge. I couldn't handle something happening to her right now.

Still no word on Brian but we are taking no news as good news. Hopefully Venus will hear from him soon.

Okay I probably ought to sign off and get some laundry put away. Have a good one.



Julie said...

Fix your dog month. HA. That's funny.

Tavox said...

Wow!! excellent site