Thursday, October 19, 2006

Oprah in Review

Okay I did the Oprah call today. I talked to an awesome producer lady last night to set it up. And she called back this morning. We probably talked for 40 minutes. She was super nice and funny and went over with me how to word things and what to ask Oprah and all this stuff. It was cool talking to her.

Initially my question for Oprah was "How have you and Gayle maintained a 30 year friendship". Well then today while talking to the producer she asked me if Darby and I ever argued about anything. I told her our one debate is over circumcision. I'm against it, Darby is for it. The producer thought our whole reasoning was hilarious! I say if God gave you a hat you better wear it!!! I told her about mentioning it on my blog, so the producer got on and looked at MY BLOG!!! The entry is March 11th.

So she told me that I ought to ask Oprah to solve our debate and ask her if boys should be circumcised. So that was the plan. Well then I get on with Oprah and she asked me first where I was from, then she talked all about Kansas and of course made the comment about Dorothy and Toto which I HATE! Then she asked me what my greatest Life Lesson was. LIFE LESSON??? I thought I was talking about best friends and circumcision... This wasn't the plan. But I answer.

I tell her that my mom recently died and that the lesson that guides my life from that experience is that time is the miracle. I prayed for a miracle when I was asking for my mom to be healed but God gave us a miracle with time. Time to be with one another, time to love, time to nourish relationships. So then she asked me if I was with my mom when she died. I said yes. She asked what we did. I explained that my sister and I laid with her and told her it was okay and that the angels were there to take her. And then she told me a story about when Gayle's mom died. And then I got the impression she was done...

So I quickly explained that my best friend Darby and I have a question for her and would like for her to solve our debate. So she asks what the debate is about and I ask her if she thinks boys should be circumcised. I explain that I'm all against it and Darby is for it and she asks to talk to Darby. So Darby got on the phone and explained why she was for it. And then Oprah said she couldn't solve that debate and wished us luck. And she was gone.

It was pretty disappointing. I thought it would be more of a fun conversation. I didn't want to get into all that about my mom. I thought it was gonna be funny, I thought I'd get to tell my jokes... The nice producer girl and I had a plan! A very funny plan. Oprah did not go with the plan... It totally wasn't the experience I thought it was going to be.

So that's the deal.



Anonymous said...

I hate the ToTo and Dorothy comments as well. I just tell them that they are from Liberal, not from Valley Center.

Sorry that the interview wasn't as fun as you would have liked it to be.

Anonymous said...

sorry it didn't work out the way you wanted...but it's still pretty cool to say you had a heart to heart w/ oprah. :)