Monday, October 23, 2006

What If

What if I was boss of the world... I would figure out a way to make a computer work all the time! I would create a device that immediately picked up leaves as they fell from trees. I would make the work week two days long and the weekend five days. I would buy property in Spain. I would make gas free and plenty of it. I would take a trip to a foreign country ever six months. I would own a private jet. I would cure cancer and AIDS. I would make a cure for the common cold. I would create a cell phone that didn't drop calls and ALWAYS had a signal. I would have a pretty yard, soft green grass, beautiful blooming flowers, and no weeds. I would make Oprah be nice to me and she would even laugh at my jokes. I would build a huge house that all my family could live in. I would make it fall all the time. I would go to school but not have to take tests or pay for tuition and books. I would have my dream camera. I would be able to sing an entire song backwards. And finally if I was boss of the world I would laugh lots every day!


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