Saturday, October 28, 2006

Garage Sale Success

Well the garage sale was a success! I made 300 bucks which makes me very happy. I got rid of a bunch of stuff so that makes me happier. And I spent the majority of the day with two of my favorite people, Darby and Steve. Which makes me the happiest. It was fun. More fun than I thought a garage sale would be. Below is a pic of "Not At This Time" Steve and I. It was taken last week but I just got the pics uploaded a couple days ago...

Last week I posted about the odd thing on the train tracks. Carla, my dear friend Stinna's mom and Bel's grandma knew what it was. I wasn't so far off on the street sweeper thing. Carla explained that it is a sweeper that "brushes" rocks off the tracks and puts them in their proper place. And I'm not crazy, she has seen the sweeper on the tracks before too! So that made me happy. Thanks Carla for emailing me the info! You rock!!!

Okay I'm off to watch some tv and play with the dog.


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