Sunday, October 22, 2006


Watched a couple movies with my Dad tonight. We watched Syriana first! TOTAL waste of time. I was incredibly disappointed. I had heard so many great things about it and then was really let down. Not such a good movie. And my boy George Clooney didn't even look good in it. So no pay off!!!

After that we watched War of The Worlds. Not the best movie ever but it wasn't bad. I like alien movies for some reason. I'm weird like that. But I guarantee I'll have a scary movie about aliens tonight. That is just my luck.


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dBiz said...

Hi Hunna, I saw that movie and I liked it. The casts did a great job which kept me focus on the movie from start to finish. I am not a big fan of scary movies and avoid seeing them like a plague. Tonight, I saw The Prestige and thought since I love movies I should start a movie blog. Check out movies360 from time to time and see my views along with others on new movies in theaters. dBiz out!