Monday, October 02, 2006

Back to Work

Well I headed back to work today. It was quite a long day. My brain is tired! Working really cuts into a person's day.. :-) I had so many other things to do and it was a long time to actually sit in an office.

Though I would have preferred to be doing something else it was good. I think the new job will be a good thing. There is a lot to get straightened out with the new position. Many things that were left undone and quite a bit to be organized. It will keep me busy I think.

My brother-in-law Brian is currently stationed in Iraq as many of you know. There have been some fatalities in his unit and at this time my sister has yet to have contact with him. We all are obviously concerned. So please just say a little prayer for him and all the other troops that they are safe and have the opportunity to contact their loved ones soon! It weighs on our hearts and minds. Please also take a moment to send warm thoughts to the two widows of the men that were confirmed dead. One is currently expecting a baby and the other is a new mother.



Peg said...

Keeping Brian in my thoughts & with all of our servicemen and -women and their families.

Hope all goes well back at the daily grind for you...


Meowkaat said...

Man that sucks too badly for words. hope Brian's ok.