Friday, October 13, 2006


Well my brother Shawn called today. His wife Amanda is in labor. That isn't good. She is only 24 weeks pregnant so that is way to early. Little Mattie isn't done cooking yet. She needs to be bigger. But she is little. They are giving Amanda steroids so Mattie's lungs will get stronger. They are going to try to hold off delivery for as long as possible. At least a few days hopefully, a few weeks would be better... We will see. I have no doubt she will be okay. How can you lose with God and Grandma Dee on your side!

I chopped my hair off today. Well I didn't actually do it. I had my hair gal do it. It's short for me. But cute I think. Different but fun. I was just sick of the hair, the work, the mess of it all. I wanted to shave it bald but she wouldn't do that. So it's just short.

I don't know anything else. I'm tired, Lena is not. I'm gonna try to sleep.

Over and Out!


Anonymous said...

Hi Hunna! I hope everything turns out well with your sister-in-law's pregnancy. c",)

I think you're brave. I wish I had the guts to chop off my hair. (",)

Meowkaat said...

tag tag tag, you're it.

Debbie said...

We just need to keep praying. You are right how can things go bad with God, Grandma Dee. But you forgot Grandma Mattie and Grandpa Smith. Hopfully it won't be to soon.