Friday, October 06, 2006

Not The Happiest Place On Earth

Did you see the news story about the family that won a day at Disney World with no other visitors. It was just their family and the Disney characters enjoying some Florida Holidays. I'm thinking that is about the only way I would ever go to Disney World again. SOLO! When we went it was not the happiest place on earth like they say. It was raining, there were about 82 billion people in line, kids were crying, you had to walk forever, and the food was overpriced. Not my idea of happy. Not to mention it takes forever to get there and then you have to walk about a million miles from the parking area to the entrance.

So I'm thinking that the family that won the solo trip really did get to see the happiest place on earth. It had to be a blast to be there alone. No waiting, no crying, just fun. The whole show just for you. That would make me a happy girl.


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Julie said...

Sometimes at DisneyWorld they will close the park at night but leave it open from 11:00 pm - 1:00 am only for people who are staying at DisneyWorld resorts. It's awesome!!! There are like NO LINES and you feel like you practically have the park to yourself...there are a good couple hundred people there, but the Magic Kingdom is so big that people are all spread out and it FEELS like you've broken into the park after closing time and you're being all rebelious. The best part is that after 11 pm, most families go to bed and it's too late for little kids to be up, so most of the people that participate in that night are older and there are less screaming kids and their screaming parents. It rules!!! :-)