Friday, January 19, 2007

Blood Diamonds

Have you all seen the movie blood diamonds yet? It's the one with Leonardo that is getting huge reviews! It looks like it is going to be awesome. When they featured it on Oprah I was really impressed. I'm not such a huge fan of Leonardo DiCaprio but Dijimon Hounsou is one of my favorite actors. He is a really talented man. He plays Solomon in the movie.

The movie depicts the civil war in Sierra Leone in the 1990's and the story and effects of blood diamonds or conflict diamonds. The previews alone look very powerful. I'm sure it will keep people talking for awhile. Hopefully the movie will bring more attention to the issue of blood diamonds. Consumers really need to ask questions when they are buying diamonds. You can ask where diamonds are from and if they are conflict free. I would hope that consumers would take the time to ask a few simple questions and ask for a gaurantee before purchasing a diamond. I would hate to think that something so pretty on my finger could have such horrible effects on the lives of others. No piece of jewlery is worth that.

So the point of the day is to watch the movie... love you some Dijimon Hounsou... and don't buy blood diamonds!


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