Monday, January 01, 2007

Postie Carnival

Welcome to the First PayPerPost Postie Blog Carnival! And welcome to 2007!!! All of the folks participating in this carnival are PPP posties and they all have some really great blogs. I hope you take the time to visit each of them and wish them a Happy New Year.

For the folks participating I would encourage you to place a post on your blog directing your readers here for the carnival. I would also welcome all of your new visitors and take the time to visit each of them over the next couple of days.

I would like to have this by a monthly carnival. So if anyone is interested in hosting the carnival next month please contact me at to let me know.

So as you ring in the New Year take a moment to visit these blogs and make some new friends. Leave them comments so they know where to find you so they can visit you too.

Happy Blogging!


Personal Posts

Barb the lovely power blogger at Skittles' Place shares her funny letter to Santa about digital photography.

Tami from Tami Parrington's Writer's Corner shares with us the first chapter of her action/comedy novel Shakedown in her post . Shakedown Chapter One.

Loretta from Thoughts Out of My Head has something to tell us... She got paid and you can too!

Marie from Whatever Happened to Fun? takes the time to tell us about her scars.

Tami wonders if you've Got Guilt. If you miss visiting her at The Author Eater you might.

Marcus may not be able to read My Thoughts but he sure knows a lot about football!

Tess over at Musings from Me needs a new pair of shoes. Do you think you could help her buy shoes?

I have another blog called Who Are We and I want to know What Your Stripper Name Is?

Karen who is a bit hyped up at Clutzy's Clutzes shares what happens when she drinks decaf coffee.

Mikala from the Yada Yada Yada blog really needs a new camera. Let's hope she gets one soon!

Snuzulooz from Toil trys to determine why people think their job is so important in a post titled Just Call Me Doctor.

Heather from Ramblings and the likes has quite a bit to be thankful for.

Denise is on A Writer's Journey but doesn't have a camera to take any pictures. See why she deserves it.

Anitesh from One Dollar Idea shares the importance of giving to charity. Maybe this could be our new year resloution.

Heather from Beautiful British Columbia shares a post about her recent trip to the Congressional Medal of Honor Convention in Boston.

Kat from My Single Mom Life is welcoming visitors. Drop by and say hi!

Andrew the man behind Dodgeblogium wants us to know about Schlomo and Chava's Big Adventure.

Msquared over at Wasting Time presents the time wasting video of the week.

Christine from The Passionate Ailurophile has a bit of a dilema. Find out about it by reading her post Shower me with water.

Carolyn the strong willed gal running A Prairie View shares her Ambitions and Dreams with us.

Chris the Queen who reigns at Queen Chris's Xanga Site shares her post about finding love.

Cecile wants to know Whatever Happened To... one of my favorite things Grape Tang? I loved that stuff!

Andrew from The BenSpark shares a great post titled Night Before The Big Day. I can tell you that he did get married and the wedding pictures on his blog are super! I really love their wedding cake.

Suni from Bucket to Bulletz shares her post titled The Great Unwashed Masses.

Funny Posts

Beth from Ramblings of an Undisturbed Mind shares some Home Remedies for the Single Woman that will for sure give you a laugh.

Terri at Musings is stuck in her jammies because getting dressed is so overrated.

Cecile the worker bee at Work At Home Musings will give you a chuckle with her post titled Because God Said.

When you visit Marisa's Dandelion Patch you can see why she is an Evil Mother or a funny one in my opinion.

Helpful Posts

Julie my inspiration from Flip This Body has started a very helpful question and answer service on her blog called Flip These Questions.

Bobby AKA Mr. Bestest Blog the mastermind behind The Bestest Blog of All Time shares his post Link Exchange: A win-win situation for us both!. This post now has 979 comments! And I can tell you that it is a win-win situation. Check him out!

Kenneth is an Investor Blogger and he wants us to know about some Stupid Trades.

Cecile from My Own Political Party talks about the possible GOP presidential candidates for 2008.


Bobby Griffin said...

Yay, another great carnival. If I'm Mr. Bestest Blog, then you must be Ms. Carnival. Thanks Jessie!

Any word on whether or not there will be future editions??

Jessie said...

I edited the post to express that I'd like this to be a monthly carnival. I think it would be fun...

Retta said...

I might be game for a monthly carnival. Maybe we could even rotate who hosts it?

The Bizarre Jokester said...

fantastic job!
Happy New Year! May this year be happy, successful and prosperous for you :)

kat said...

Stopping by to show some love for the carnival!


Skittles said...

This was fun! (Where can I get the PPP blogroll?)

CyberCelt said...

I love carnivals! Would be up to hosting carnival on my blog. Do we have a postie carnival blogroll going?

Christine said...

Great job on the carnival...I would be happy to host a future one!


TessJones said...

Awesome! Thanks for hosting and I would definitely be up for a monthly carnival. (I just posted about the carnival - I wasn't online yesterday, sorry!)


HeatherinBeautifulBritishColumbia said...

Hey Jessie, great job on the carnival. I was so pleased to find comments on my post today - when I returned from holiday!!! Now I have to try to catch up on all my reading :)