Monday, January 22, 2007


Okay I'm a little addicted to Days Of Our Lives. I watch everyday. Well I TiVo it and watch it in the evenings. Phillip has a new face now and MiMi has different looking hair. John is in a coma and Steve is flipping out. It's the on going saga that I love. The Days addiction is passed down from the women in my family. We have all watched and sworn at some point we were going to stop watching but we don't. We keep tuning in and taking part...

Well now I've come across this awesome site that I've got bookmarked. It covers all the Soap Opera out there but I love the stuff about Days. They give a daily summary in case you miss something. I need that. What if my Tivo gets full and it doesn't record. I wouldn't want to get behind. While they happen to be sponsoring this post I've had them bookmarked for awhile. I think it's awesome that they are finally promoting their site more. It's a great resource for those days you just don't have time to tune in for an hour. So check them out!


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