Thursday, January 25, 2007

Piece # 30

Well it's that time again! A PayPerPost and HP puzzle hunt is going on. And luckily I happen to have piece #30. There are 48 pieces in all so the hunt could go on for awhile. But hopefully throwing this one out there will help someone. I'm not going to participate in this hunt. While I could for sure use the $1000. Yes the first person to put all the pieces together gets $1000, amazing I know! I just don't have time to do it now. I'm gonna spend most of the weekend doing homework so I better not even start trying to find the pieces or I will become obsessed. I'll just post them as I come across them for you all!

The pictures this time around are of Michelle and her family. Michelle won a HP Camera awhile back. So now that she has had some time to use it and take advantage of the great Digital Photo Printing HP offers they broke her pictures up and they are now pasted all over the web for everyone to find. So good luck and happy hunting! Just in case you hadn't figured it out this post and this amazing puzzle hunt is brought to you by the folks at HP.

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