Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Broken Things

When something breaks at my house everything breaks at my house! Tonight is not my night. For some reason my very old garage door opener has decided that it is dying tonight! It is smoking and the door keeps going up and down. So I've unplugged it and bought a new one. Now I just have to get it installed.

My cable is not working. Yes I checked and I have paid the bill. So it's not my fault. But I have a ton of stuff recorded from when I was gone and now I can't watch it. That makes me unhappy. I keep trying to call the cable company but the line is busy so I'm guessing that I must not be the only one without cable. I was really hoping that I could get caught up on my Dog the Bounty Hunter and Days of our Lives... Guess that won't happen tonight.

And to top it off my cell phone is being really weird. It will ring but then as soon as I answer it drops the call. It says I have voicemail and I check it but then there isn't any voicemail. So I don't get it. I guess I'm going to Alltel in the morning. No fun!

So welcome home to me!


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