Saturday, January 20, 2007

More Snow

Well I guess more snow is on it's way. I'm just praying that it is actually snow and more ice. The ice we had last week hasn't even thawed yet. Snow is so much easier to get around in versus the ice. That and a nice snowfall would be awfully pretty. And watching Lena in it would be way funny!

I'm going to spend the day on homework I do believe. I have quite a bit of stuff already. Funny how that happens. I forgot how much school cuts into my life. Only three more semesters though. It can be done. That's what TiVo is for. I may end up watching about 20 episodes of Dirt at the semester break. :-)

Speaking of Dirt have any of you been watching that? It has Courtney Cox and I've heard rumors that Jennifer Aniston may be coming on board too. I'm really loving the show! The supporting cast is pretty good and it's edgy. Kinda reminds me of Nip/Tuck without the surgeries....

Okay homework is calling. I'm gonna be good and get at it.


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Carolyn said...

I know what you mean about this snow and ice. It has not been a good deal this week, with the sidwalks and such. And now the snow is coming down pretty good. I wouldn't mind so much, except David is in Emporia, and Ethan is either IN Wichita or on his way home from Wichita. His drama class went to a State Thespian Conference. He called earlier this morning to tell me they may be coming home early (the plan was 7 or 8 o'clock tonight before they'd be home) -- but he doesn't answer his phone I don't know if they have left Wichita yet or not. *Sigh. I'm just being an old mother hen, trying to get all her chicks home, safe and sound.

Oh-- I don't remember if I told you or not -- "A Prairie View" is strictly for "paid to blog" kind of stuff (with some filler), so my "day to day" blog is at "Quiet Time Companion".