Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Growing Mountain

And the mountain of paperwork grows! Darby went with me today to meet with the adoption agency doing my homestudy and I have a whole big notebook of paperwork to do now. Crazy!

The appointment was very exciting. They showed us pictures of a family that just brought home triplets yes I said triplets! They are the most adorable little boys I've ever seen. Too cute for words! No triplets for me but one cute healthy baby would make me a happy girl.

Found out at the meeting that since Heather lives with me she has to have the background checks and fingerprints done too! How funny is that. Heather getting fingerprinted. Hopefully we can get in at the police station on Saturday to get that done while she is home. Fun times! Who knew being an aunt required background checks.

So that's the exciting new developments in adoption land. Now I've got to get some homework done so I can focus on adoption stuff tomorrow night...


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