Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Piece #25

I have a puzzle piece! I'm so freaking excited about this. PayPerPost and HP are sponsoring this post as well as a really cool puzzle piece scavenger hunt. Tamale just took a trip to Europe. That's big news because we all know how stressed she gets. So she took a trip and took tons of pictures with her HP camera and PPP made a collage out of it. Then they split the collage into 30 pieces and they are all over the web. Whoever puts the pieces back together first wins some big money! So everyone is on the hunt so they can grab the $1000 prize. And luckily I have one of the pieces that everyone needs. I got good old piece #25! So not only did Tamale get a trip but she also got a great camera from HP, amazing Digital Photo Printing, and now we all get the chance to put together the puzzle and win some bucks. So happy hunting and don't forget that this post is sponsored by HP!


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