Tuesday, January 09, 2007


We have gotten a lot done today. Hung out with Mattie most of the day. She continues to fascinate us. She has jaudice pretty bad so she has to have this light blanket around her most of the time. It turns her blue so when she has the light saber on she looks like a blue light special at K-Mart. Gotta love that.

I did her black and white pictures tonight. We also did some with Sunflowers. I think they will be pretty cool. My mom loved sunflowers so we wanted to do something special for her. I think I may put one of them in my kitchen since I kept all my mom's sunflower stuff up in there.

Heather and I hit Hobby Lobby today and got some amazing deals on decorations for her room. She is pretty psyched. It is for her room in Wichita. She decided that WSU is where she is heading next year for school and she will be living with her best friend Kelci. I think that is a good plan and now she has cool stuff for her room.

Okay the neighbor people are starting to notice me so I'm signing off for tonight. I'm so glad I haven't had the cops called on me yet. I don't wanna push it. :-) Tomorrow night I'll be blogging from home. We are hoping to get home by 5 or 6 tomorrow night. I guess there is snow coming in and we are hoping to beat it.

So till then....


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