Wednesday, January 10, 2007

New Neighbors

Well this morning before work I ran out to mom's place (aka the cemetary). Mom's place sounds much nicer. I got her a couple new decorations and needed to switch things out. It was freezing out there this morning. I talked to her about getting heat but I'm thinking that might not happen. :-) She does however have new neighbors. It's a really small cemetary and not used to often so new neighbors is an event. I have the names of all the other people memorized. I check on them all when I go to check on mom. Make sure everything is cleaned up. So now I have a new person. They didn't have anything on their grave yet so I left some of mom's flowers for them that I was just going to take home. So now mom's place and theirs is all decorated and pretty. I'm glad I got out there today to take care of things because I guess a big ice storm is coming in tomorrow and that means I won't be able to go again until the ice clears. Timing is everything I suppose.


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Anonymous said...

That is an interesting way to look at going to visiting your mom at the cemetary. Nice of you to share flowers with her neighbor like that.