Monday, January 22, 2007

School Blues

Okay I had my first day of classes on campus today. I thought I was all ready to go back to school but now I'm not so sure. First my schedule is totally jacked up. I thought I was supposed to have classes from 8-1. So then I'd have the rest of the day to work. Well no... Now I have a class from 8-10:45 and then another from 1-3:45. So my whole work day is pretty much shot! I'm not pleased.

And I miss my mom. This is the first time I've gone to school on the first day of classes and she hasn't been around. I know that seems silly but if you knew my mom you would understand. My mom has this thing where on the first day of classes she always takes our picture. It doesn't matter if it is the first day of kindergarten or the first day of grad school. She always did it no matter what. And then as soon as classes were over she would expect a full report. She loved the first day of school! So today there was no pictures, there was no good luck at school call, there was no one to report to and share my syllabus with. So I miss her.



darbis said...

i totally understand jess! my parents even came to my 1st day in grad school at KU to take my picture and they stuck around to eat lunch before making the trek home. i'm sorry---i could have taken your picture today but it still wouldn't have been the same! i used to call my mom every day after school too. i'm just sorry. i love you though!!

Ellie said...

Sorry that you are missing your mom. It must be hard. Beffers from Suburban Chaos, who was my Weekend Wink blog is losing her mother and she just put a heart-wrenching post on her blog tonight. I feel so badly for her.

Anyway...I did want to tell you, I have linked up with Bestest Blog, so now I will have to get back into that and see if I can link up with more people and make more friends.


PS, by the way, how is your exercising coming along?