Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The New Girl

We have a new girl at our office. She has been here a couple months now. But our turnover is high enough that I don't really start paying attention to new people until they have been at the office for a couple months. I just don't like to do all the getting to know you work if they are just gonna quit in a couple weeks. Yes I know it's probably mean but well I'm just mean...

Anyways the new girl (K) hasn't left. So I'm trying to get to know her... This is what I've found out.

1. Her husband is in the military
2. They like to participate in those reenactment things.
3. For her wedding they all dressed in renaissance things and he wore a skirt thing.
4. They took a honeymoon trip to Bulgaria.
5. She has a horse that is 3 years old and she still calls it a "pony".
6. She likes watermelon.
7. She eats oatmeal every morning for breakfast
8. She is a perfectionist.
9. Someday she wants buy Property in Bulgaria.
10.She drives 2 hours round trip everyday to get to our office.

So that's what I know about the new girl...


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