Sunday, January 14, 2007

Empty House

Well the house is empty today. Just me and Miss Lena. Heather made it back to school safely. She didn't have a single problem so that is good! And she was right about going last night. If she would have waited until today it would have been a lot worse. It's been sleeting like crazy here today. It started around 10:30 and it's just like frozen pouring rain. Weird.

So since the weather is crap Lena and I have been hanging in the house. I've done laundry and watched a movie and did more laundry and blogged some. Big exciting day here. Tonight I'm gonna work on my photo album stuff. Again really exciting... I hate feeling trapped in the house. But I'm so not driving in this weather. I'm a crappy driver in good weather. I really don't need to drive when the roads are bad.

So I'll just be here... waiting for the thaw...


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