Monday, January 15, 2007


I have to say thanks to CyberCelt over at Texas RV Travel Blog. She is the first person to donate to my Relay For Life Campaign. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!! The American Cancer Society is an amazing organization that really puts all their donations to a great cause. The advances that have been made in cancer treatment as a result of their work are inspiring. Please consider making a donation too.

I also have to tell you that Texas RV Travel Blog is one of Cricket's (my stepmom) favorite blogs. She really enjoys it. In fact Cricket told me to visit this blog. So it's funny to me that CyberCelt is my first person to donate. Cricket will be so happy. So stop by and visit CyberCelt. Make sure to tell her I said thanks!


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CyberCelt said...

You are welcome. Since I have started being a Postie, I have money in my PayPal account for great causes like yours.

Tell your mom, "Thanks for reading."