Monday, January 29, 2007

The Paperwork Mountain

I think I'm officially living on paperwork mountain! I opened my mail about an hour ago and had a HUGE packet of paperwork to fill out from the adoption agency. I mean it's probably two inches thick not counting the 300 page adoption guide they sent that is just reading material. Wow I'm in for quite a ride and quite a bit of writers cramp I do believe.

Tomorrow I go meet with the social worker that is doing my home study. She is going to give me more paperwork! Yippeee So I'm going to spend my weekend doing paperwork. Fun times. What is really crazy is that someone somewhere is having sex right now and probably conceiving my baby and I'm filling out paperwork.... It amazes me that some people just have sex and get a baby out of the deal while others spend a large amount of time and money and energy waiting for a baby to arrive... Doesn't seem right ya know!


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Darby said...

i could not agree more!! i tell ya, many a conversation to have with the big man upstairs!! i can't wait for your appointment tomorrow. i promise i'll be good and make a good impression for you!! :) see you tomorrow mommy-to-be!! love you so much jess! darbis